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“The human body is a self-healing machine; our role is to provide it with the tools it needs to do so.” -Dr. Bernie Siegel


Food first

Many women who experience hormonal or digestive symptoms don’t feel like themselves. They are told it is just “apart of being a woman”. My mission is to help my clients optimize their health. To help them supports their body’s natural healing abilities through optimizing the foundations. As a nutritional therapist, I focus on a root cause, nutrient first approach to reducing symptoms. I utilize nutrient-dense, properly-prepared whole foods, key lifestyle changes, stress mastery, and targeted supplementation.

My approach to nutrition is simple. Eat how our great great grandparents did: Simple nourishing nutrient dense ingredients. Eating healthy does not need to be boring. Its not just salads, smoothies, protein bars, etc. And it’s definitely NOT low fat, low calorie foods. It’s using REAL ingredients- butter, meat, potatoes, fruits, roots, dairy, vegetables, properly prepared grains & beans, nuts & seeds, etc. 

It always comes back to the foundations: nutrient dense diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids, minerals, hydration, sunlight, stress, sleep and movement.

Our symptoms are a way for our bodies to communicate to us. We want to understand the why behind our symptoms instead of just masking them. We have to learn to trust our innate wisdom and intuition. We are all unique with our own bio individual needs. In the journey of healing, we can get caught up in perfection. Perfection isn’t the goal, progress is. We want to create a sustainable joy-filled life, so making small impactful habits will be realistic and sustainable. Food is so important, but also embracing our inner child, a positive mindset and finding things that bring us joy. 

how I support my clients

My Approach

Comprehensive Initial Intake

After completing questionnaire, intake form, and food and mood journal. I’ll analyze the assessment results and food and mood journal. You may also complete any lab testing during this time. 


Individualized Plans

We will work together to develop a personalized dietary, supplement, and lifestyle protocol based on findings and health concerns.


Ongoing Support

We will work together to adjust, or add recommendations to reach your health goals.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is functional nutrition?

It is the use of food to support or improve health. It follows the ideology of functional medicine.

Functional medicine is an approach to health that takes into consideration how every part of the body is interrelated. It seeks to restore physiological functioning. With functional nutrition, symptoms are clues for managing health issues and understanding the underlying issues within the body. We do not want to suppress the symptoms, but question what is the body trying to tell us?

Do you offer lab testing?

I do! As part of my programs, I offer a few different options for lab testing. If you want details, head over to the services pages for the packages! 

But I offer HTMA (Hair tissue mineral anaylsis), DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones), GI MAP stool, and thyroid panels. 

If you have already have test results from the last 60 days, I would be able to use those in your recommendations.


Do I have to go on a diet?

Diet is simply how someone eats. 

Do you have to reduce your calories? This is extremely bio individual, but that is not my approach or goal with nutritional therapy.

I do have founational nutrition recommendations I think everyone would benefit from. Recommendations like avoiding HFCS, artifical colors/preservatives, reducing refined sugar, reducing inflammatory oils, etc.

That being said, to restore the body back to optimal health, you may have to eliminate some foods temporarily while we work on restoring function. This is because the ability to bring a body into balance can be undermined if someone is still consuming foods that are causing inflammation and stress. The thing to keep in mind here is we are actively working to restore balance, so you can bring those foods back in-thats the goal.

I use an at home “test” to determine if foods are contributing to inflammation for you.

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