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Hi, I’m Sara!

Ready to say goodbye to those painful periods, irregular cycles, hormonal acne, PMS symptoms, bloating, and hormonal imbalances? I help women struggling with hormonal symptoms from hormonal birth control take back control of their symptoms, so they can have easy, regular cycles, have energy to live their lives, and feel their best throughout their whole cycle. You’re here because you are ready for a change. You just want you want easy, regular cycles, to have energy, reduce your PMS symptoms and hormonal acne, and not have to wake up bloated for a whole week, but you don’t know how to get started. I’d love to help you get there!

Hi, I’m Sara Clark, and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), a Functional Supplement Specialist (FSS), and a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner (HTMA-P). I was once exactly where you are. You probably feel stuck, helpless, and know there has to be another way. 

When I got off birth control many years ago, I developed digestive and hormonal symptoms soon after. I actually did not realize they were related. I just knew there had to be a reason I had these symptoms and wanted to get to the bottom of them. This is when I learned about functional and holistic medicine. For the following years, I learned everything I could on functional wellness and nutrition from podcasts, books, social media, webinars, etc. I finally decided to become a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner after realizing I was missing the foundations for so long! I am also currently training to become a functional supplement specialist, to provide supplement recommendations to my clients that will be the highest quality and the most bio-available as possible!

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